Social media-free LinkedIn alternative

Know For Work is professional networking with your work email. No self-ceos, humble braggers, or cringy posts. Find new opportunities and stay in touch with your colleagues.

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LinkedIn is the new Facebook

Frustrated with LinkedIn? So are we and that's why we built Know For Work, an email-centric networking platform for professionals that don't want to read personal updates from randoms.

LinkedIn used to be about connecting with your colleagues to stay informed about their career. Nowadays, it's become a place for humble bragging, toxic positivity, and personal updates.

Know For Work is built for professionals that are looking to stay in touch with their colleagues and find new opportunities for their career.

Here's what makes Know For Work a great LinkedIn alternative and why you should start using us for your professional networking:

No social media updates from random people

Know For Work is social media-free. When was the last time you went on LinkedIn and thought social media is a great feature? That's why you won't see any social media in any form. We only add features when it brings value to you.

Stay connected with your colleagues using work email

Know For Work is validation. All users need a work email address to register. This ensure users are from the company they claim. To send a connection request with your colleague, you need to know their work email address. No connection requests from people you don't know.

Emails to keep you away from our website

Know For Work is email-centric. Colleagues and recruiters come to the website to find your email, that's it. Conversations happens over email. There is no mobile app to download to start a conversation. Use any email client you like.

See someone's reputation before engaging in the conversation

Know For Work is quality assurance. Not all users are the same. Before engaging in a conversation, you can see how reputable a user is based other people's ratings. We make it easier for users with good reputation to reach you.

Protect your work email with alias

Know For Work is privacy-focused. Your work email is like your phone number. You prefer not to tell someone unless it's work related. We protect your email with alias so you don't have to worry about your email being shared on the internet.